Custom solutions made for your home and your office.


We aim to provide custom solutions at great quality and great prices.

We know how challenging it can be to find out the best solution for your apartment or office.

We provide flexible solutions, wide range of fabrics and additional services that will help our customers get the best experience in making their fabulous choice.

Custom made does not mean long term delivery, we provide your blinds in your room in maximum 2 weeks from the time you order.

Given our experience and challenges when moving into an apartment on Aarhus Ø we decided to share the great solution that we found for our windows.

The windows are complicated due to many reasons: they open inside, the handle is mounted partially standing out of the window frame, they are made of metal. It was important for us not to affect the costruction of the window, therefore we prioritised finding a

non-invasive solution for the blinds.

We understand your needs.


Get advice for free in the Aarhus area.

'Gardinbus' is a free service that we offer our customers. When you order a visit of our advisor, you get:

  • Demonstration of fabric samples in your own home
  • Measurement and advisory by an experience advisor
  • Offer on your blinds
  • Offer to install the blinds (You choose whether we or you should install them)


We guarantee that the measurements made by our consultqant are correct. You avoid being left with some blinds that cannot be used. After the measurement, you will receive an offer via e-mail.

Fab For You guarantees that all measurements fit your windows.

You are responsible for controlling the color/fabric selection.

We also work evenings and weekends.